Banking Email Scams

Just a little write-up while waiting on the phone to speak with the bank in question. I received an “email from my bank” today which I suspect many others have seen, or will see. As you can see, my mail server identified it correctly as spam, and my main mail client doesn’t show html by… Continue reading Banking Email Scams

Web Design

For those who need a website design better than my own low effort eyesore, you really need to check out This is someone who actually understands these things. I can build you everything up until the point where you require anything other than a working server. This is the next step


As anyone who has been to my place knows, I really hate to see potentially useful material simply dumped. This extends to what is commonly referred to as e-waste. If you’re not familiar with the term, this is basically just discarded tech. A lot of this is pretty difficult to do anything useful with, but… Continue reading E-Waste

A Fresh Start for your Windows Machine

Is your Windows 10 machine starting to slow down? Does it have applications installed that you can’t remove? Did you know that there is an easy way to restore your machine to that lovely clean new state, or even better, clean without even the software the manufacturer decided that you really had to have? Fresh… Continue reading A Fresh Start for your Windows Machine

Patch WordPress Plugins

Todays post should just be a quick one for all the WordPress users out there.  If you have the wp-file-manager plugin, then you really want to update it. A vulnerability in all versions from 6.4 to 6.8 allows unauthenticated file uploads, file modification and remote code execution, leaving the website vulnerable to a complete takeover. … Continue reading Patch WordPress Plugins

Everybody Loves DNS

Is your internet connection still using your ISP provided DNS servers? You could be leaving some easy performance, privacy and useful tools on the table. If you are using your ISPs DNS servers, they have full access to every site you go to on the net. This shouldn’t be an issue, except for the fact… Continue reading Everybody Loves DNS