As anyone who has been to my place knows, I really hate to see potentially useful material simply dumped. This extends to what is commonly referred to as e-waste. If you’re not familiar with the term, this is basically just discarded tech. A lot of this is pretty difficult to do anything useful with, but old PCs and laptops can often be re-purposed, or at very worst, be stripped for parts to keep other older machines running for those who cannot afford, or don’t really need to upgrade.

If you’re looking at upgrading your machine, please consider getting in touch with me. At the very least, I can possibly help you turn that old box into something useful again, or maybe use the parts to cobble together something that would allow someone on a limited budget access to the tools that will allow them to function in our modern age, which really does require some kind of computing device.

If you are a business, please don’t just throw all those old computers in the skip! We can securely erase the drives (which you should otherwise be removing and shredding or some equivalent) or leave them with you to dispose of as you wish. We can surely come to some sort of arrangement which would minimise the wastage.

This really is somewhat of a thought bubble at the moment, but I personally know people who would benefit from having access to these out of date machines if they could afford them. We have it in our hands to maybe help the planet a bit in our own little corner of it, and I would like to make it as easy for you as I can.

Please don’t bin that box!