Computer services and More




System running slow? You might need a system tuneup.

Maybe a hardware upgrade, Windows re-install or virus removal. Forgotten password? We can reset it. Running out of drive space or is it beginning to fail? We can help. Selling or giving away your computer? We can securely erase your drives.



Internet problems? Wifi issues? Need ideas for securing devices on your network? Want a device that eats advertisements so that no-one else on your network has to? Would you like your very own way to store and share your files and photos without giving them to Google? Need a web site or server? Can do!



Accidentally deleted important files? Drive failing? We can very likely recover your data, and offer advice on strategies for automated backups and other data protection methods so as to keep your valuable information safe in the future.



From your home theatre to your recording studio. From installation of patio speakers to PA systems we can help with getting you setup for creating your new podcast or having tunes for your wedding.



Issues with security cameras or video conversion questions?  Need help with setting up the ultimate home movie watching rig? Would you like to have all your movies on a machine and be able to watch them from anywhere?



We can’t list every possible scenario here, but if it goes beep boop in some way, you should give us a call to see if we have some ideas for you!