Thoughts on computer repair

Please stop using this!

One of the most common problems I come across doing computer repair around Cairns is people who call me to fix their computers which are running very old software. While I can usually fix the computer, it can be quite difficult to explain that even though their machine is working again, for me to give… Continue reading Thoughts on computer repair

Patch WordPress Plugins

Todays post should just be a quick one for all the WordPress users out there.  If you have the wp-file-manager plugin, then you really want to update it. A vulnerability in all versions from 6.4 to 6.8 allows unauthenticated file uploads, file modification and remote code execution, leaving the website vulnerable to a complete takeover. … Continue reading Patch WordPress Plugins

Data Leaks

ABC recently carried a story which is becoming all too common.  Amazon S3 data left open to the public with sensitive customer information exposed, in this instance, front and back scans of NSW drivers licenses and tolling notices.  You don’t need too much imagination to see how harmful this information could be in the wrong… Continue reading Data Leaks